Monday, December 30, 2013

Human Bonding

Make the Trade

I viewed a Video on the Google + page of a Friend, . This is the Intro he posted with the Video.

"I was watching this realizing that the coin wouldn't pay the bus fare home for even one of them and wondered if the bus driver would let them on for free (hey - they played for free) and what his bosses would think and then I thought: What if we all keep on doing what we do but just pause the flow of money?

We all just do the same jobs, the same daily life, the same shopping, but no money changes hands.  Cameron keep making drilling equipment, BP keep drilling oil, farmer keeps farming, I keep writing software...   Will it keep working?"

I was deeply moved by the Video and have view it a few times since. I was also moved to introspection about my own view of "self giving". The following is my comment on the experience.

Altruism exist as a force in Society, but there is no evidence that it has been a prime motivation of all individuals or even many individuals. Most people want to have a near certainty that if they give someone else their goods or labor, they will be able to get goods or labor of equal value at a later date.

Fiat Money is the concept most widely used in most Nations because it has the characteristic of making all goods & labor fungible by assigning a numerical value at the time of transfer from one person to another.   The record of the Value of the transaction is recorded in a Bank Asset Account and listed as a Liability of the Bank to the owner of the deposit. It is simple, efficient, and can be enforced by Society as a legally tendered transaction. I have not yet learned or thought of any other mechanism that is more practical.

Charity is  useful but not totally encompassing in establishing a secure Life Support System for all people.  Government Charity has the disadvantage of a Government "Bureau for Begging" that uses a Means Test  that often has the effect of degrading the person in need.  I believe that people need a sense of ownership  in their share of the Nation's Commonwealth. that guarantees the life essentials for Prince or Pauper at a level that eliminates Poverty.