Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Poverty is not caused by a Money Shortage

I have been told many times that we cannot end Poverty because we don't have enough Money. I have said many time that there is no shortage of money that is not deliberately created by Congress and Banks. Money is nothing more that the record keeping for the transfer & distribution of Goods and Labor. It is impossible to bankrupt a Sovereign Nation with a Sovereign Currency unless those who hold the power to create the money choose to bankrupt the Nation.

If the Nation has the available labor, the productive ability and the necessary input material to do a task, the money is as close as the Bank Computer account in which it is created. If you do not have Labor, productive ability and supplies then it would be foolish to create money that has no purpose. This is not Rocket Science.  It is just knowledge that the Bankers & Congress who create Money do not want you to Know.

It is not taught as Conventional Wisdom. But the information can be readily found in the Records of speeches made by the people involved in the Fed and Banks and a few Economist and National Leaders all through the history of this Nation and all Nations that use a Fiat Money System. If you wish to seek out this view of Money then research the Modern Monetary Theory Economic [MMT] Philosophy. 

The point is that claiming that we don't have the Money is completely false. The truth is there are those who want to keep the money supply limited and make sure there is enough idle Labor to give them control of labor cost and interest rates. We can do anything that we wish to do if we have the people and material supplies and skill to do it. You cannot sustain the claim that Poverty is necessary because we do not have Money. Poverty exist because of pseudo-economist who use teaching a lie that lets power brokers keep poverty alive.  Wage-Slavery is an ingredient of wealth transfer to the 1%. 

copyright © William Hodge 2014