Monday, January 13, 2014

LIFE IS Liberty

Just to be fair

My desire is to eliminate hunger, homelessness, lack of Medical care, and insure the opportunity to learn any skill for which you have the desire & ability to learn. Once you eliminate the desperation of how & where you will live tomorrow and are give the opportunity to learn anything, you have life , freedom[liberty], and an open path to pursue happiness

It is not my goal to give everyone the life of leisure & luxury. I wish only to remove the power of the 1% to turn you into a
 Wage-slave . I want you to be able decide for yourself if you want to flip burgers or start a business of your own or write & sing songs or all three.

. There are many ways to pay for it. You can extend the FICA tax to all income instead of just the first $150,000. You can apply Corporate tax deductions for Health Care to the FICA tax and make it apply universally to all Corporations. You can create Money like the Greenbacks that financed the Civil War or use a transaction tax on all Bank activity.You can apply a small import tax on goods shipped into the country. It is in the final analysis just a problem of bookkeeping and redistribution.

I advocate giving it to every person so that no person can claim he is paying for something he does not get. At least 95% of the population will receive more than the extra tax will cost them. We will not need a "Bureau-for-Begging" to judge your entitlement. We will not need unemployment insurance. We will not have uninsured going to Emergency Rooms for a head cold and passing on the bill to those who do have insurance.

The payment will increase with inflation just as Retirement Social Security does. The economic consequence will be that no one will  lack employment if he wishes to be employed. We can eliminate minimum wage. My guess is that wages will go up because everyone will have the option of saying no if he is not happy with the offer. I am not in favor of sharing the wealth of those who work for it. I am in favor of supporting the essentials of life [Food, Shelter, Medical Care,  and Education for every citizen.

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