Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Teaching Jesus

I am confused by how much the vision of Jesus and the treatment of the Poor as the pathway to redemption  differs from the vision of modern day Leviticus style Christians who insist that  obedience to Religious Dogma is the Path to Paradise. 

Jesus taught in Matthew 25: 31 - 45 that service to those in need was service to him and the Reward was eternal Life.

Modern day Christians call for adherence to the Dogma of the their particular Religious views as the Pathway to eternal Reward. Most often those views are of a materialist nature.


Friday, September 8, 2017

Supplemental Security Income

The Future of technology & Robotics will be to replace Human labor at all levels where cost is lower. The  only safe low labor cost jobs will be where Humans will work for less income than it cost to build a robotic system to replace them.

That analysis will in fact apply to Jobs at all income levels that software can run robots and computer programs more efficiently than Humans  The necessity of establishing Unconditional Basic Income will be essential, unless we are prepared to eliminate excess people.

We already have Social Security paid from FICA taxes on wages that can be supplemented by a parallel program for the Disabled and the lowest income Social Security recipients. It is called Supplemental Security Income [SSI]. It is paid out of the General Tax Fund.  If we make the SSI program Unconditional for people over 62 without a Means Test and withdraw Medicare payments  from that program instead of Social Security payments, we will have the beginning of an Unconditional Basic Income system 

You automatically start drawing it at age 62. You can start drawing SS at whatever age older than 62 that you chose. The older you are - the bigger the check. Then you keep lowering the SSI check over time to  apply to all adult citizens  Doing is over time will moderate the effect on the Economy .

William Hodge

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Birth of Religion

Religion had its Birth in the observations made by men about the nature of Nature.  A Shepard or Farmer would observe that the Sun would change the position of rising and setting over time and then repeat the process with the changing of Seasons.
They would observe that their best product of seed or animal would produce the best new crop or births.   They followed the same practice with the discovery of the pharmaceutical properties of Fauna & Flora. That is why Religion invented the rule that you must offer only your best to please the Gods. That gave Power Holders the best stock of seed and semen to grow their capital wealth.  

The Gods did not deliver Religious rules on either Stone or Clay tablets.  Scientific observation became Religious Myth and was coded into stories to teach the people the existence of hidden knowledge that the Priest held as a gift from the Gods and create a Power Source to rule with. 

The power to rule is not easily surrendered even to better knowledge.  That is why Religion values Belief over the Science for acquisition of   knowledge.

Written by William Hodge

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Stop Money Creation by Corporate Banks

Central Bank Money

I am a nonconformist in my views about economics and Government. I support the view that the Sovereign Government should control the creation and supply of currency. I see money as 
a contract between parties to trade Goods & Service today in exchanged for a "promissory note"  that will purchase a choice of Goods & Service from other Sellers at a chosen later time. 

That promissory note can be personally held and traded or it can deposited in a Bank in an Asset Account as Money. It is balanced as a Bank Liability to the Depositor on demand.   The value of that money is determined by the availability of Labor, productive capacity and raw material supply to produce the desired Goods & Service. 
I also believe that the power of Corporate Banks to create new money in return for a  Borrower "promissory note" to repay legal tender money in the future should be ended. Money should only be created by the Federal Reserve Banks and loaned to Corporate Banks for lending to Borrowers based on the assets deposited in the Corporate Bank by Bank Customers.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Life is more than Labor

Life Labor Changing

I am a Son of the South from agricultural forebears . In my youth  subsistence level labor created by the Segregation system that replaced the Bonded Slave system used before the Civil War were mostly employed to pick cotton. That was the Prime example of creating wage-slaves to enrich the 1%ers.  It was the invention of the cotton gin that created the very profitable use of Slave labor and then Segregated subsistence Wage laborers to support the 1%ers of  Agriculture.

Then they invented a Cotton Picking Machine. Now no one picks cotton by hand. Another machine had eliminated what the first machine [the cotton gin] created and changed the culture of the South.

The use of computer technology to automate both the simplest of task and the most complex task will eventually eliminate almost the entire labor class and the white collar jobs as well. If we do not find a way to distribute income to create a system to distribute food, shelter, medical care, and survival skills, we may have to find a way to eliminate the people or create make believe work to keep them busy.

I prefer that all have the freedom to find their own creative path to life fulfillment.  By distributing Unconditional Basic Income to purchase sufficient food, adequate shelter, medical care, and learning skills to pursue their passions We can create a new  entrepreneurial culture . That will give meaning to each life by permitting the individual personal choice of Life Paths.  We will create for each "The inalienable Right to pursue Happiness.

Rowing the National Boat

One Boat many Passengers

I am opposed to SLAVERY of any kind. I want every person to have the choice of working for a wage he agrees to or not work for a wage at all if he chooses.

To achieve that goal we must first understand the concept of the Commonwealth.  It is the Income derived from the use of any land and what lies beneath that land, the water on or below that land, and the air above that land that is controlled by the  Sovereign Nation. 

The evidence that the Nation controls the Right to that income is it has the power to charge use fees or to levy taxes on the privilege granted of private usage for profit or pleasure. Additional proof is that the Government has the Right of Eminent Domain to reclaim for Public use any property that is currently claimed by other entities for private use.. It also has the power to tax accumulation of profit[income] from Private usage to support the General Welfare of the Nation & Citizens.

In a Democratic Nation it is an implied Right that every Citizen should benefit from a Dividend from his Commonshare of the Commonwealth. From that grows the the concept of giving every citizen [rich man - poor man - beggar man - thief] a Basic Income Guarantee. That income should be enough to purchase sufficient food, adequate shelter and effective medical care and the right to education.  

As technological and Robotics advance there will be less availability of Wages from work and greater need of Unconditional Basic Income to escape  the Poverty of Wage Slave Jobs.  It is past time to begin a scalable program that provides a Guaranteed access to food, shelter, medical care , and life skill training.

William Hodge

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Parenting Poverty
There are many causes of Poverty

1. Single Parent Poverty - About 60 percent of U.S. children living in mother-only families are living in Poverty   Only about 11 percent of two-parent families are below the Poverty line.

2.  Scarce Availability of jobs and  low wages paid for those jobs

3. Disabilities that make it impossible to work.

4. Lack of training for skilled labor jobs that pay middle class wages

5. Lack of work ethic that results in an unwillingness to do what is considered a Wage-slave job.  

The result often is generation after generation of people who, due to resulting lack access to good education, health care, adequate housing, proper sanitation and good nutrition are trapped in a recurring cycle of Poverty.  We have instituted many forms of Welfare assistance that actually trapped the Poor in behaviors that will at least allow them the means to survive.  Finding minimum level employment will actually make life harder due to loss of absolutely necessary benefits necessary to survival.

If we are going to break the cycle of Poverty, we must give the Poor and those who cross back and forth across the Poverty line, a Guaranteed Income that is unaffected by a "means test" from some Government Bureau for Begging    To do that the Income must be Universal Unconditional and above the Poverty Level. Then and only then will every citizen have the power and Freedom to choose his on Path in Life that will allow the Pursuit of personally satisfying achievement.