Monday, August 18, 2014

My Progressive Agenda


My Life is centered around a Progressive Agenda because my highest value is preservation of Life itself. The primary survival activity of human beings is conducted by organizing themselves in Communities with social order and governance.  The main functions of the Sovereign Community is to protect life and to produce & distribute Goods and Labor to achieve that end. My goal is based on the advocacy and promotion of these two principles.

1. I believe that any Sovereign Society that has the capacity to ensure the basic needs of life [food, shelter, medical care, and education] to all of its Citizens should feel compelled to do so as the First Order of governance.

2. I believe that a Sovereign Society has the power & responsibility to create a Sovereign Common Currency to make the trading of Goods & Labor between parties fungible  and should exercise that power itself.  It should not delegate the creation of Money to private sector Banks and permit them to charge the Taxpayers of the Nation interest on debt incurred to fund the Actions and Responsibilities of the Nation to insure the basic needs of life. The Nation  (not Corporate Banks] should own the Central Bank and use it to create all currency and to fund all National Debt interest free.

Out of these two principles grow the Progressive ideas that I generally support. I invite all to freely contribute your opinions & suggestions unless they become abusive or offensive to my Life purpose.

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    Saturday, August 16, 2014

    Sustaining Life without work

    The Serpents Gift 
    I live on Social Security & Medicare. Those programs are dependent on a Government program of deferred spending at retirement. Millions of Jobs depend on the money that I and other Social Security recipients spend.

    Government is the primary creator of sustained spending programs that do not depend on Jobs.  They in fact create and sustain jobs. It includes such programs as Medical Care, Medicaid and other Social Safety net programs  Government is not the enemy of the Economy. It is this function of Government that causes the Economy to reach a level of  sustained production.

    That is a function that the Private Sector has never done and will never do because their motive is not to sustain life, but to use the living as tools of production and profitable consumption . Only Government has no motive but to serve.

    Only Government  has the non-profit  capacity to create & distribute money to the  Point of Sale that causes business to run.  That creates profit for the owners of both Labor and Capital .

    Government does not generate dependency. Government sustains life and the Private Sector is the biggest benefactor of the Government's power to create and distribute money to the focal point of consumption.  The Private Sector is the primary beneficiary of Government activity.

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    Thursday, August 7, 2014

    Build a better Society.

    Community is Unity

    Many times I have advocated that Society should begin with the economy making sure that every person in the Society had sufficient food, adequate shelter, necessary living skills and medical care when sick.  The objection is usually, "why should I be required to sacrifice what I earn so somebody can live on my money without having to work           himself".                                                                           

    My point is NOT "Will you let Society take away your Wealth". The point is will you help construct a Society that believes that we all own a Commonshare of the earth resources.  Will you build a Society that compels all us to use enough of the Commonshare to eliminate hunger, homelessness, ignorance, and lack of Medical Care
    The payment of a fair share to the Commons will take only a small share of what we are capable of producing and will leave enough to compete for individual wealth without undue interference in our competitive need to acquire more than we need. In our need to prove we are independent and self-sufficient, we lose sight of the fact that we are actually dependent for all material gain on the efforts of others. Humans beings are successful as a species  because we have the power and the need to be cooperative.

    Wednesday, August 6, 2014

    Christian Nation?

    "I AM THE WAY..."

    Modern Right Wing Christians think religion is a magical method of accumulating Wealth by Ritual Worship. They see the Poverty in the Society in which they live as incidental to accumulating money. They do not think life essentials are the fruit of the Commons and an inalienable  right of all to share.

    They do not believe that Society should compel all citizens to contribute to the need of food, shelter, medical care and life skills of those who live in  desperation.  They think instead that Society should only allow it to be a choice of Charity if anyone is to be helped.  

    They claim that Jesus is their King and yet refuse to believe him when he said  you must feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and care for the ill. They believe in life after death in his kingdom and yet refuse to hear him when he says in Matthew 25: 31 - 46 that they will spend the afterlife in hell if they fail him in his commandment. 

    As for me, I think that most Modern Right Wing Christians use their religion as a tool for private gain  and not as a value system for life and service to their King.  I do not think a Christian Nation run by them would look much like the one Jesus commanded them to serve as if they were serving him..

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    Saturday, August 2, 2014

    Freedom depends on Choice.

    People don't owe you non-aggression if they covet what you have. Only Government instituted by the Human Community can provide you protection from aggression. Only the Community Governance can support common values against the intrusion of  internal greed or outside force.

    Government instituted by Community can also use the Common Resources of the Community to provide Guaranteed food, shelter, medical care, and skill training[education] in order for the individual to have the freedom to refuse any job they do not wish to do.

    That is what Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness is. It is not about absolute rules. It is about choice. I choose Freedom from Desperation for all citizens.  Only Freedom from desperation for life essentials can lead to true Liberty for all.

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