Friday, February 26, 2016

Break the Chains of Poverty

Break the Wage-Slave Chain 

If Congress used the power it was granted by the Constitution to create & manage the Money supply, it could free the people from bondage of Poverty and still retain the Market Capitalism that rewards exceptional performance with exceptional returns.

The Federal Reserve Banks have the Power to create money in the same way that Corporate Banks do.  The problem is that Congress has been has been persuaded  with election funds by Lobbyist to prevent the Federal Reserve from financing the Federal Debt by buying Bonds at the primary auction. The interest & fees the Corporate Banks earn off these Bonds is a significant subsidy from tax payers. The Federal Reserve can buy the Public Debt at 0% interest and save the taxpayers Billions.

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Liberty & Income

Universal Basic Income

Until Americans understands that the money that  drives the Economy  is spent from the bottom up [not the top] down, our Economy will never reach optimum performance. We need to create an Income Distribution system that lifts every person out of Poverty without using an enormous Government "Bureau for Begging". 

All we need is a "Supplemental Security Income (SSI)" account for every Citizen with no means testing .  It must purchase sufficient food, adequate shelter, effective medical care and the means to get an education that provides skill for education.  It must not be dependant on your work status.  

If you have the guarantee of Life essentials, you can escape being a Wage-Slave and know true Liberty over your on life choices.  You can at last engage in the Pursuit  of your own passion  
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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Who controls the Money

Power over economics

                            NICOLAUS COPERNICUS 

"Among the countless evils that bring about the demise of whole states, these fours are surely the most critical: internal discord, high mortality, infertility of the soil, and deterioration of money.
The first three are so apparent that hardly anyone would contest them. The fourth evil, however, stemming from the nature of money, is noticed only by those few who think deeply, for it causes the states to crumble not at one fell swoop, but gradually, near invisibly."

Our Banking system has been designed by Congress to give power to Corporate Banks to create Money and to finance Government debt at the greatest interest they  can safely charge.  That gives them the Wealth & Power to control the Congress by financing elections of favored Lawmakers. That has greatly limited the effectiveness of the Democratic process. 

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Congress can create Money

Out of thin Air

The system of Money creation that Congress has put into Law is designed to limit money in order to support the power of the Rich to control the poor. Even If we have sufficient labor, productive capacity and raw materials, Congress and the Banks can restrict the Money supply and limit what we can do.

We can distribute enough money to the poor to eliminate all Poverty. We can rebuild the Nation and we can develop cutting edge technology to lead us into the future   It is the behavior of Congress, not the lack of Money that keeps us in debt to the Oligarchy of Wealth.  

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