Monday, June 5, 2017

Commonshare of the Commonwealth

Ownership has cost

No one but the Sovereign Nation owns the land we live on, the wealth beneath it, and the air above. How that wealth is distributed depends on who hold the Power to to control distribution. 

The fact that we pay property tax or lose our Land proves that to privately use it is a privilege that you must pay for. The right of "Eminent Domain" is proof that the Government can take what it needs for the "Common Good" as long as you are compensated for your improvements.

The power to tax personal possessions and monetary wealth is the source of the "commonwealth".  All of the people are entitled to a Dividend on their Commonshare of that wealth. I am a strong believer in the Right of every citizen [Rich or Poor] to receive their dividend on what they own in common. just as a Corporate shareholder does. If the Dividend is adequately used for the General Welfare of the Citizen ,  poverty will not be a plague upon the Population.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Income offers Choice

Choice is the key to freedom

Ownership of  Property in the Capitalist Economic System for both self use and for retraction of profit from ownership is hallowed ground.   But property can be reclaimed by government if taxes are not paid or by  Right of Eminent Domain if it is needed for the common good. It is therefore only partial and therefore it is privilege and not a Right.  But it is still the cornerstone of unearned income and wealth as opposed to income earned from labor and wage-slavery.

When residential property is owned but not used, the owner would like to have someone to pay for its use. If another person desired use of that residence and had the resources to rent the unused residence, that person would do so unless he wanted to be homeless. If that person lacked  resources or wages,  he would be homeless. That is the power of ownership over those  who have only their labor to obtain life essentials. They can be either trapped in Poverty or forced to be a Wage-Slave  to undesirable jobs without the Freedom to choose.

 To insure Freedom to escape poverty or wage-slavery is to find a way to distribute money to the person who has none. The fairest solution is to provide a Basic Income Guarantee to every person [rich or poor] large enough to buy sufficient food, adequate shelter, and effective medical care. It is the simplest solution to distributing basic Goods & Service to every person.

I recommend using the existing Supplemental Security Income [SSI] program without a Means Test of need. It should be given to all with no need of a Government Bureau for Begging to exercise "Shaming"