Thursday, March 17, 2016

Money Has No Limits

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Every time one Political Group wants the Government to spend money to accomplish some program, another Group will claim that we cannot spend the Money because we don't have enough money. We must run the Government like a Business and balance the Budget.

What we can or cannot do has never been limited by a lack of money. There are no limits to money. The Constitution gives the Congress the power to borrow, tax, or to create it.  The Federal Reserve was created by Congress for the purpose of creating all money to be uniform. Before that the Congress and Abraham Lincoln  created Greenbacks to finance the Civil war. The Quantitative Easing [QE] program was made possible by the Federal Reserve having the power to create any amount of Money it needed  It is the failure of Congress to vote to spend what is necessary to grow the Economy. As long as you have sufficient Labor, available Productive Capacity and input  Materials, money can be supplied by the Federal Reserve System at ZERO % interest to accomplish anything we need to grow the Economy.

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Capitalism without Poverty

Universal Basic Income

If Congress used the power it was granted by the Constitution to create & manage the Money supply,there would be no limit on the Federal Budget. The National Government could free the people from bondage of Poverty and still retain the Market Capitalism that rewards exceptional performance

If the National Government created Universal Supplemental Security Income (SSI) above the Poverty level with no "Means Testing" by the Bureau for Begging, there would be sufficient food, adequate Shelter, and effective Medical Care for all. This would eliminate Government Bureau intrusion into everyone's life and the Free Market Capitalism Would continue as is.

We could begin the program by using SSI to provide Medicare for all people age 62 and older. It would be separate from Retirement Social Security. Retirement age people would be able to have Medicare now and wait later for Social Security to draw a larger Social Security check.  The program could expand over time to include younger people as the Economy adjusted to the income Foundation that was being created.

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