Thursday, July 20, 2017


Parenting Poverty
There are many causes of Poverty

1. Single Parent Poverty - About 60 percent of U.S. children living in mother-only families are living in Poverty   Only about 11 percent of two-parent families are below the Poverty line.

2.  Scarce Availability of jobs and  low wages paid for those jobs

3. Disabilities that make it impossible to work.

4. Lack of training for skilled labor jobs that pay middle class wages

5. Lack of work ethic that results in an unwillingness to do what is considered a Wage-slave job.  

The result often is generation after generation of people who, due to resulting lack access to good education, health care, adequate housing, proper sanitation and good nutrition are trapped in a recurring cycle of Poverty.  We have instituted many forms of Welfare assistance that actually trapped the Poor in behaviors that will at least allow them the means to survive.  Finding minimum level employment will actually make life harder due to loss of absolutely necessary benefits necessary to survival.

If we are going to break the cycle of Poverty, we must give the Poor and those who cross back and forth across the Poverty line, a Guaranteed Income that is unaffected by a "means test" from some Government Bureau for Begging    To do that the Income must be Universal Unconditional and above the Poverty Level. Then and only then will every citizen have the power and Freedom to choose his on Path in Life that will allow the Pursuit of personally satisfying achievement.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The establishment of Class Rule

Eugene Debs was arrested  June 18, 1918 under the "Sedition Act, which made it a crime to "willfully utter, print, write, or publish any disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language about the form of the Government of the United States" 

Debs did not contest the charges.  He was stripped of his citizenship and given 10-year prison term.  In his comments to the Court he ended with these words :

"Your Honor, I ask no mercy and I plead for no immunity. I realize that finally the right must prevail. I never so clearly comprehended as now the great struggle between the powers of greed and exploitation on the one hand and upon the other the rising hosts of industrial freedom and social justice. I can see the dawn of the better day for humanity. The people are awakening. In due time they will and must come to their own".

Much of what he fought for was set on the path of progress in the Great Depression under Roosevelt.  But since the rise of the Power of the extreme Right under Reagan, we are now close to returning to the Path of Oppresion by the Oligarch of the Wealthy.  The Presidency of Donald Trump could end our era 
Progressive Progress.  If we can preserve and improve our gains in Health Care we may stop the slide into Wage-Slavery and restore the pathway out of Poverty.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

What kind of Animal are we?

 Published  simultaneously on  PATREON
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To design a successful human society you need to know what kind of animal we are. Are we a cooperative animal or a competitive animal?"
The answer is YES. We all thrive on the prize of the competition and we all share bread with a stranger in varying degrees. Our cooperation build personal bonds and community purpose in shared goals.  Competition for the Prize and exceptional Reward for exceptional Performance leads to increased effort and to the drive to find a better way of doing things.  It also leads to Poverty & Excess.  

If we can find a stable environment between the Poorest and Richest from the drive to attain the most of everything, we can find a safe foundation to build Freedom from Want  and establish a stronger Democracy.  If Poverty dominates our Economic System we will suffocate Democracy in favor of rule by the Oligarch of the 1 %ers. 

Monday, July 3, 2017

Cash IS NOT Money

Moving Money

Originally written and Published on my  PATREON  site   June 7, 2017.

What would happen if you had a Gold coin that you could melt down and sell the Gold in that coin for two Gold coins. If you know the answer you will understand why coins ARE never worth and CAN NEVER BE worth the face value on the coin.  The face value is recorded in an Asset Account in a Federal Reserve Bank and the coin is used to transfer that value from one Bank account to another.

That is the same purpose of a Federal Reserve Note. It is simply a printed receipt for Money recorded as numbers in a Bank Account. Coins differ from a Federal Reserve Note only by being printed on metal instead of paper. Both are use to move the printed value from one Bank Account to another. It may move through several the hands of more than one buyer/seller before ending up as a Bank Deposit as an asset for which the Bank is liable to to the Depositor. Checks -  Credit/Debit Cards - Drafts all serve the same purpose 

Cash Money exist nowhere and has never existed anywhere except as a printed value that the Printer of that receipt claims he will exchange a thing of real value for. The  ultimate Value of the dollar is established by the fact that is is the only way you can pay your taxes or any "number valued debt" you owe. You must obtain dollars to pay your taxes and other debts. That gives them value.

No matter what you think money once was, I assure you it wasn't and isn't and never will be. It is just a bookkeeping system to determine who has purchasing power for Goods or Labor. It has the advantage that trades can take place over a span of time, unlike Barter which occurs as a single transaction, It makes trading Goods & Service fungible instead of requiring concurrent agreement at the time of trade. It is the lifeblood of World Commerce.