Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What is Life Worth?

The 1st Freedom is from WANT


The point of the post is that no one can with good conscience can claim his work value is worth S4000 an hour when another person is worth only $7.25.  Even so I would have no problem with high income for any person if every person had a Basic Income Guarantee to purchase  sufficient food, adequate shelter, medical care, and equal access to learn life skills from K-12 to a Doctors Degree according to the ability to learn & perform the skills [not the ability to afford to pay for them].

With that kind of equal starting line and no "means testing" from a Government Bureau for Begging, I would give up the minimum wage and other Safety Net programs (except Retirement Social Security]   
 An Unconditional Basic Income Guarantee is the ultimate Freedom from desperation and Wage-Slavery. It is an open door to the power to bargain for wages on the individual level. It is a true Right to Work [or not} opportunity. It empowers true Life, Liberty, and the Right to Pursue Happiness.

by William Hodge

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Socialism need not not be Ownerism

The 99% do not have to be owners of production for the Benefits of Socialism to become a part of a Free Market Capitalist Economy. It is less important to control who owns Production. 
than it is to control the fairness of how the Goods produced are distributed to benefit the General Welfare of all the People. 

If we can just distribute sufficient food, adequate shelter, comprehensive medical care and education produced by a technological Robotic production base to every citizen, there would be freedom for every person to pursue the path of life that brings each person happiness.

If competing for Trophy & Treasure make you happy and you can do that without using your gain to own the lives of others, then let it be so. The solution is simple enough. Give every person a monthly income through a Supplemental Security Income [SSI] system that will make him free of  poverty and Wage-Slavery and let the Games Begin.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Too Poor for Freedom


The greatest injustice is having no job, no transportation, and no home, no food, and no medical care while living in the wealthiest Nation in the World and being able to cure the problem and not doing it.

  You could bring ever citizen out of poverty with a simple distribution of  an Unconditional Basic Income.  It should be enough to pay for sufficient food, adequate shelter, effective medical care, skill training for life skills and public transportation.  It could pe paid for out of each citizen's Common share Dividend of the Nations Commonwealth

With that foundation of spendable income, there would be adequate jobs to produce these basic Goods & Service for all. These jobs would allow competitive individuals freedom to acquire a comfortable middle class income or even great wealth with adequate desire to compete and create.

by William Hodge

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Poor but White Class

Union of Diversity

 Being a Son-of the-South from generations going back to pre-Revolutionary War days, I have had much experience with the power of the Class-System. I was born in 1942 and even as a child I was assured that the poorest of Whites was from a higher Social Class than the most successful of Blacks.

The Only difference now is that the era of Segregationist Dixie Democrats is past. It has been replaced by anti - all minorities Republicans. Even the poorest of whites allow themselves to be walked upon and stole from by the 1% power structure.  I guess too many had rather be of the Proud & Poor White Race than to give their children a better life in the Human Race. After all, being Human does not make us less White. It just includes us in a bigger Community with the power to create a better World.

By William Hodge.