Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What is Life Worth?

The 1st Freedom is from WANT


The point of the post is that no one can with good conscience can claim his work value is worth S4000 an hour when another person is worth only $7.25.  Even so I would have no problem with high income for any person if every person had a Basic Income Guarantee to purchase  sufficient food, adequate shelter, medical care, and equal access to learn life skills from K-12 to a Doctors Degree according to the ability to learn & perform the skills [not the ability to afford to pay for them].

With that kind of equal starting line and no "means testing" from a Government Bureau for Begging, I would give up the minimum wage and other Safety Net programs (except Retirement Social Security]   
 An Unconditional Basic Income Guarantee is the ultimate Freedom from desperation and Wage-Slavery. It is an open door to the power to bargain for wages on the individual level. It is a true Right to Work [or not} opportunity. It empowers true Life, Liberty, and the Right to Pursue Happiness.

by William Hodge