Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Poor but White Class

Union of Diversity

 Being a Son-of the-South from generations going back to pre-Revolutionary War days, I have had much experience with the power of the Class-System. I was born in 1942 and even as a child I was assured that the poorest of Whites was from a higher Social Class than the most successful of Blacks.

The Only difference now is that the era of Segregationist Dixie Democrats is past. It has been replaced by anti - all minorities Republicans. Even the poorest of whites allow themselves to be walked upon and stole from by the 1% power structure.  I guess too many had rather be of the Proud & Poor White Race than to give their children a better life in the Human Race. After all, being Human does not make us less White. It just includes us in a bigger Community with the power to create a better World.

By William Hodge.