Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Socialism need not not be Ownerism

The 99% do not have to be owners of production for the Benefits of Socialism to become a part of a Free Market Capitalist Economy. It is less important to control who owns Production. 
than it is to control the fairness of how the Goods produced are distributed to benefit the General Welfare of all the People. 

If we can just distribute sufficient food, adequate shelter, comprehensive medical care and education produced by a technological Robotic production base to every citizen, there would be freedom for every person to pursue the path of life that brings each person happiness.

If competing for Trophy & Treasure make you happy and you can do that without using your gain to own the lives of others, then let it be so. The solution is simple enough. Give every person a monthly income through a Supplemental Security Income [SSI] system that will make him free of  poverty and Wage-Slavery and let the Games Begin.