Friday, January 31, 2014

Equality under the law.

I BELIEVE:  That NO women should be forced by the Government to have an abortion if she desires for any reason to carry her fetus to birth.

In fact Government

 1. Should fully support her pregnancy from conception to delivery with free medical care. 

2. Government should support the life of her child through infancy with a well balanced diet and a warm comfortable shelter. 

3. Government should protect the adolescent life of the Fruit of her Pregnancy with productive education and childcare that will make this child adequately prepared to take on the task of acquiring the knowledge & skill necessary to survive a competitive life.

4. Government should go even farther and give this child and all children the means to learn all they can and will learn productive skills for benefit of the individual and of society itself. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

LIFE IS Liberty

Just to be fair

My desire is to eliminate hunger, homelessness, lack of Medical care, and insure the opportunity to learn any skill for which you have the desire & ability to learn. Once you eliminate the desperation of how & where you will live tomorrow and are give the opportunity to learn anything, you have life , freedom[liberty], and an open path to pursue happiness

It is not my goal to give everyone the life of leisure & luxury. I wish only to remove the power of the 1% to turn you into a
 Wage-slave . I want you to be able decide for yourself if you want to flip burgers or start a business of your own or write & sing songs or all three.

. There are many ways to pay for it. You can extend the FICA tax to all income instead of just the first $150,000. You can apply Corporate tax deductions for Health Care to the FICA tax and make it apply universally to all Corporations. You can create Money like the Greenbacks that financed the Civil War or use a transaction tax on all Bank activity.You can apply a small import tax on goods shipped into the country. It is in the final analysis just a problem of bookkeeping and redistribution.

I advocate giving it to every person so that no person can claim he is paying for something he does not get. At least 95% of the population will receive more than the extra tax will cost them. We will not need a "Bureau-for-Begging" to judge your entitlement. We will not need unemployment insurance. We will not have uninsured going to Emergency Rooms for a head cold and passing on the bill to those who do have insurance.

The payment will increase with inflation just as Retirement Social Security does. The economic consequence will be that no one will  lack employment if he wishes to be employed. We can eliminate minimum wage. My guess is that wages will go up because everyone will have the option of saying no if he is not happy with the offer. I am not in favor of sharing the wealth of those who work for it. I am in favor of supporting the essentials of life [Food, Shelter, Medical Care,  and Education for every citizen.

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Is White a Superior Class?

I speak here as a Son-of-the-South. My ancestors settled South Carolina long before we had decided we were not happy with the King. But one thing the South never forgot of was the fact that Slaves made a few people very,very rich and made the status of being white rank higher than the condition of being poor.

Both Slavery and Whiteness survived the Civil War under Segregation. When the Southern Democrats became National Democrats under the Civil Rights Law and the War on Poverty, the Republicans were glad to wave the Confederate Battle Flag. They replaced the White KKK Robe with Choir Robes and defended whiteness with a song & a prayer and the Christian Church and a White JESUS.  I suspect the Republican adoption of White Southern Values was more about votes from poor whites for the Oligarchy of Wealth than  the Pride of being White.

The Republican Party first sold out Blacks when the Abolitionist retired from Politics. When there were fewer White voters in the North to elect a Republican President they gave the South back to the Segregationist Dixiecrats and removed the Union Army in return for the promise of electoral votes. Rutherford B. Hayes became President in the Presidential Election of 1876

Under Richard Nixon,  they had found a new tactic to keep the 1% in control. Republicans were, are, and always will be in the King's Court.  Democracy is a useful convenience until it gets in their way.

 copyright © William Hodge 2014 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Money can end Poverty 

If every American is given an Unconditional Guaranteed Basic Income Benefit that will pay for 
1. Sufficient food, 
2. Adequate shelter, 
3. Basic Medical Care  &   
4. Education to learn skills that prepare you for living, Poverty cannot exist except by personal choice. 
It will eliminate the Bureau-for-Begging, unemployment insurance, rental assistance, ER care for routine health problems and It will increase competitive life skills.  

Most of all it will eliminate the desperation which feeds our Wage-Slave Corporate control of our Country. It will introduce true Liberty, pursuit of  happiness and the essentials of life.  It will put the competition to succeed at the same starting line for Rich & poor alike. 
 copyright © William Hodge 2014 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Poverty is a Distribution Problem

Put a floor under Poverty.

The poverty line is that level at which you can have sufficient food, adequate shelter, effective medical care, and the opportunity to learn any necessary skills  with no regard to income level .

The money is just the method we use to distribute the Goods & labor to the point of need.  The need at the poverty level  does not change unless you change the standard of what is needed.

If the amount of money needed changes, then change the amount of money directed at the need. There is no limit to the amount of money available any more than there is a limited number of points for a scorekeeper to score an athletic contest.  The only limit is the productive capacity to perform the task.  

When the Society cannot produce enough to meet the need for Goods & Labor, the money is useless. The capacity to produce Goods & Labor needs to be improved.. When it does you can then create and distribute the money that distributes the Goods & Service.  

Money is just the tool of distribution, just as the plow is used to turn the soil or the loom  to weave the cloth.  The person who has the money can get the goods. The amount of Goods & Service you have an entitlement to depends on the amount of money that you have to spend in ratio to the total amount of money that is being used in the transfer process for the Goods or Service you seek to acquire.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Poverty is not caused by a Money Shortage

I have been told many times that we cannot end Poverty because we don't have enough Money. I have said many time that there is no shortage of money that is not deliberately created by Congress and Banks. Money is nothing more that the record keeping for the transfer & distribution of Goods and Labor. It is impossible to bankrupt a Sovereign Nation with a Sovereign Currency unless those who hold the power to create the money choose to bankrupt the Nation.

If the Nation has the available labor, the productive ability and the necessary input material to do a task, the money is as close as the Bank Computer account in which it is created. If you do not have Labor, productive ability and supplies then it would be foolish to create money that has no purpose. This is not Rocket Science.  It is just knowledge that the Bankers & Congress who create Money do not want you to Know.

It is not taught as Conventional Wisdom. But the information can be readily found in the Records of speeches made by the people involved in the Fed and Banks and a few Economist and National Leaders all through the history of this Nation and all Nations that use a Fiat Money System. If you wish to seek out this view of Money then research the Modern Monetary Theory Economic [MMT] Philosophy. 

The point is that claiming that we don't have the Money is completely false. The truth is there are those who want to keep the money supply limited and make sure there is enough idle Labor to give them control of labor cost and interest rates. We can do anything that we wish to do if we have the people and material supplies and skill to do it. You cannot sustain the claim that Poverty is necessary because we do not have Money. Poverty exist because of pseudo-economist who use teaching a lie that lets power brokers keep poverty alive.  Wage-Slavery is an ingredient of wealth transfer to the 1%. 

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