Monday, December 30, 2013

Human Bonding

Make the Trade

I viewed a Video on the Google + page of a Friend, . This is the Intro he posted with the Video.

"I was watching this realizing that the coin wouldn't pay the bus fare home for even one of them and wondered if the bus driver would let them on for free (hey - they played for free) and what his bosses would think and then I thought: What if we all keep on doing what we do but just pause the flow of money?

We all just do the same jobs, the same daily life, the same shopping, but no money changes hands.  Cameron keep making drilling equipment, BP keep drilling oil, farmer keeps farming, I keep writing software...   Will it keep working?"

I was deeply moved by the Video and have view it a few times since. I was also moved to introspection about my own view of "self giving". The following is my comment on the experience.

Altruism exist as a force in Society, but there is no evidence that it has been a prime motivation of all individuals or even many individuals. Most people want to have a near certainty that if they give someone else their goods or labor, they will be able to get goods or labor of equal value at a later date.

Fiat Money is the concept most widely used in most Nations because it has the characteristic of making all goods & labor fungible by assigning a numerical value at the time of transfer from one person to another.   The record of the Value of the transaction is recorded in a Bank Asset Account and listed as a Liability of the Bank to the owner of the deposit. It is simple, efficient, and can be enforced by Society as a legally tendered transaction. I have not yet learned or thought of any other mechanism that is more practical.

Charity is  useful but not totally encompassing in establishing a secure Life Support System for all people.  Government Charity has the disadvantage of a Government "Bureau for Begging" that uses a Means Test  that often has the effect of degrading the person in need.  I believe that people need a sense of ownership  in their share of the Nation's Commonwealth. that guarantees the life essentials for Prince or Pauper at a level that eliminates Poverty.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Libertarians crack the Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell

I had a recent conversation with a friend who frequently comments on the things I post on my Google + page. He is of the belief that Republicans & Democrats are really just copies of the same book just wearing a different jacket.  I guess he subscribes to the meme that "you can't judge a book by its cover". The following represents my reply to his assertion that Libertarians are THE ANSWER. 

 I take Notice of all the Things that you represent Libertarians as wanting to do away with.  I noticed nothing about guaranteeing that no one go hungry, or homeless or ignorant, or without medical care.  Surely that omission will take away our liberties and widen the divide between the 1% and everyone else.

I cannot imagine how a person who is hungry and homeless is not in the clutches of the 1% as a Wage slave. I cannot imagine a world where a person is not allowed to make free choices about the life course he wishes he follow.  I cannot imagine a Nation with our technological advantages that cannot produce enough food, shelter, education and medical care for all the people with only a small portion of available labor. I cannot imagine that a Sovereign Nation with a Sovereign Currency would refuse to create and distribute enough money to every person to purchase basic food, adequate shelter, and insured Medical Care. 

What I do understand is that being a physical conservative Libertarian is identical to being a physical Conservative Republican. What I do understand is that almost every single Social Network safety program has been made into law under Democrats, not Republicans. What I do understand is that Democrats are demonstrably different from both Right Wing Republicans and conservative Libertarians,  even though they do work for perceived Common Good with both groups when possible.  

Though I may be much opposed to the Democratic Politicians ties to Wall Street, I am even more opposed to the Libertarian callous disregard of the value of life.  I am very supportive of Society's active participation in  safeguarding the 'Freedom from Desperation' that comes with hunger, homelessness, ignorance, and lack of Medical care.  Both Apples and Oranges may become Bad Fruit,  but they are never the same fruit.  When Libertarians start to give guaranteed support for the essentials of life, I will reconsider my support for them.  Until that happens they are little more than Republicans that support freedom for Molly.  

                                   William Hodge

                           copyright © William Hodge 2013 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Distributing Money builds the Best Economy.

Competition support the Cooperative Foundation of Society 


It was only a short few centuries ago that it took work from all to make food for all. Even then many suffered because too much was taken from the bottom class to give the upper class a more comfortable life style. That is why the work ethic was a prime rule of survival for the whole community.

But with the coming of industrial revolution. fewer people could produce more of everything. It became possible to furnish enough of the basics of life without as much work by everyone. The struggle became how much work could be demanded to furnish an ever more opulent life style for the few at the expense of the lowest classes. The Rich have always been able to manipulate Society to their advantage and still can.

Now we are entering an age when very little labor will be needed to furnish all of the essentials for every person. The work ethic matters only as a tool to manipulate the whole of Society to the advantage of the few. Freedom will come when we find a distribution system that removes guilt and judgement off the backs of those who wish to enjoy a life style of non-consumption of stuff in favor of creative pursuit or no pursuit at all. 

For now the system is still rigged to force as many people as possible to work at slave-wages to satisfy the need for power by the 1%. It is even now possible to furnish sufficient food, adequate shelter, high quality healthcare, and life skill training to every person without deflation of the wealth of anyone.

The only thing that prevents us is the refusal to recognize that money is not a thing. It is a method of accounting to keep records of who is entitled to how much stuff. Once it becomes conventional wisdom that the score keeper never runs out of points, it will be possible for Federal Reserve score keeper to create the money to distribute the basic needs of life to every person . 

Let the people {who will also get the Basic Income} who wish to live by "striving to win the prize" compete with the labor of those who want to play that game. That Labor is all that is needed to produce more surplus than needed to feed those who want to live free with minimal STUFF to meet basic needs.  It is the key to true Freedom to pursued the passion that each person needs for happiness.


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Cat's Suprise

I could not resist posting this because it brought memories of my Granddaughter's cat  Sometime a Litter Box is just not enough.

                                                         Paul Wolfe originally shared:

Need more than a Sand Box.

Poverty is not Freedom

The inalienable Right to Life

I learned early in life that having empathy with the desperation that others feel from hunger and homelessness  comes easier when eating with them in a Soup Kitchen.  The greatest malfunction of Modern Society is not that we cannot distribute food, but that we will not distribute Money that buys food. 

When Right Wing Libertarians speak of the "inalienable right" to preserve  life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, while expressing an opposition to an "inalienable right" to have food, shelter, healthcare and training in life skills do not understand that they are One and the Same thing.  Any Person who is desperate for food or protection from the cold, or sick without care, or lacks the skills to escape his desperate condition cannot preserve life, know liberty or pursue happiness.  He is subject to the will of others and lacks the power to choose his own course in life. He is a virtual Wage-Slave to the holder of the purse.

Monday, December 23, 2013



It would be interesting to live in a Society in which all Goods & Services were distributed equally. Unfortunately, that is contrary to the Nature of Man. Even in our Prison Systems where things are most heavily controlled and every prisoner is suppose to have the same food, The same clothes, the same shelter, and medical care and all other thing provided by the system,  there is no equality. Some prisoners live very well with virtual freedom and most others are just Bitches.

Inequality is derived from the desire to compete for prize of power and the perks that accompany it. Even in a system design to be oppressive [but with equality] there are "some who are more equal than others".    There are also those who cooperate voluntarily to achieve a form of sharing with each other, because that too is in the nature of man. I would like to live in a world of equality but know that we can at best just approach that. Not even in a "Benevolent" Dictatorship is there a way to eliminate the desire of individual to compete for exceptional-ism [a Superior difference].

My hope is not to change the Nature of Man, but to modify it in ways that protect the lives of the many. If all men have sufficient food, adequate shelter, basic medical care, and the opportunity to acquire the maximum skills of his abilities, then all men would have the Freedom to say No to the oppressor who would withhold the basic elements of survival [food, shelter.....].   Only then would the Oppressor lack the power to force others to labor to the advantage of the oppressor. The most basic Freedom is Freedom from Desperation. Only then is there "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness" available to the Common Person.
William Hodge

             copyright © William Hodge 2013 

I was thinking

I write and post a lot on Social Media

When posting and commenting on the Post I make from the Web, there are many times that I would like to record some of my comments in a more permanent place.  On the Social Networks they just keep getting scrolled down into the oblivion of Post Past.

Because they have too many words to put on Twitter, I decided to create this Blog to make a Home for my Short Thoughts too Long to Tweet.  They may be about anything and come at anytime.  I hope you may find them informative and/or entertaining.  You can get an idea about my interest by checking in on my other Blogs

William Hodge
It is time we understood that Freedom is not possible as a Wage-Slave. You are just a Peasant  one step removed from Feudalism under the Rule of the +1%ers