Friday, December 27, 2013

Distributing Money builds the Best Economy.

Competition support the Cooperative Foundation of Society 


It was only a short few centuries ago that it took work from all to make food for all. Even then many suffered because too much was taken from the bottom class to give the upper class a more comfortable life style. That is why the work ethic was a prime rule of survival for the whole community.

But with the coming of industrial revolution. fewer people could produce more of everything. It became possible to furnish enough of the basics of life without as much work by everyone. The struggle became how much work could be demanded to furnish an ever more opulent life style for the few at the expense of the lowest classes. The Rich have always been able to manipulate Society to their advantage and still can.

Now we are entering an age when very little labor will be needed to furnish all of the essentials for every person. The work ethic matters only as a tool to manipulate the whole of Society to the advantage of the few. Freedom will come when we find a distribution system that removes guilt and judgement off the backs of those who wish to enjoy a life style of non-consumption of stuff in favor of creative pursuit or no pursuit at all. 

For now the system is still rigged to force as many people as possible to work at slave-wages to satisfy the need for power by the 1%. It is even now possible to furnish sufficient food, adequate shelter, high quality healthcare, and life skill training to every person without deflation of the wealth of anyone.

The only thing that prevents us is the refusal to recognize that money is not a thing. It is a method of accounting to keep records of who is entitled to how much stuff. Once it becomes conventional wisdom that the score keeper never runs out of points, it will be possible for Federal Reserve score keeper to create the money to distribute the basic needs of life to every person . 

Let the people {who will also get the Basic Income} who wish to live by "striving to win the prize" compete with the labor of those who want to play that game. That Labor is all that is needed to produce more surplus than needed to feed those who want to live free with minimal STUFF to meet basic needs.  It is the key to true Freedom to pursued the passion that each person needs for happiness.