Monday, December 23, 2013

I was thinking

I write and post a lot on Social Media

When posting and commenting on the Post I make from the Web, there are many times that I would like to record some of my comments in a more permanent place.  On the Social Networks they just keep getting scrolled down into the oblivion of Post Past.

Because they have too many words to put on Twitter, I decided to create this Blog to make a Home for my Short Thoughts too Long to Tweet.  They may be about anything and come at anytime.  I hope you may find them informative and/or entertaining.  You can get an idea about my interest by checking in on my other Blogs

William Hodge
It is time we understood that Freedom is not possible as a Wage-Slave. You are just a Peasant  one step removed from Feudalism under the Rule of the +1%ers