Saturday, December 28, 2013

Libertarians crack the Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell

I had a recent conversation with a friend who frequently comments on the things I post on my Google + page. He is of the belief that Republicans & Democrats are really just copies of the same book just wearing a different jacket.  I guess he subscribes to the meme that "you can't judge a book by its cover". The following represents my reply to his assertion that Libertarians are THE ANSWER. 

 I take Notice of all the Things that you represent Libertarians as wanting to do away with.  I noticed nothing about guaranteeing that no one go hungry, or homeless or ignorant, or without medical care.  Surely that omission will take away our liberties and widen the divide between the 1% and everyone else.

I cannot imagine how a person who is hungry and homeless is not in the clutches of the 1% as a Wage slave. I cannot imagine a world where a person is not allowed to make free choices about the life course he wishes he follow.  I cannot imagine a Nation with our technological advantages that cannot produce enough food, shelter, education and medical care for all the people with only a small portion of available labor. I cannot imagine that a Sovereign Nation with a Sovereign Currency would refuse to create and distribute enough money to every person to purchase basic food, adequate shelter, and insured Medical Care. 

What I do understand is that being a physical conservative Libertarian is identical to being a physical Conservative Republican. What I do understand is that almost every single Social Network safety program has been made into law under Democrats, not Republicans. What I do understand is that Democrats are demonstrably different from both Right Wing Republicans and conservative Libertarians,  even though they do work for perceived Common Good with both groups when possible.  

Though I may be much opposed to the Democratic Politicians ties to Wall Street, I am even more opposed to the Libertarian callous disregard of the value of life.  I am very supportive of Society's active participation in  safeguarding the 'Freedom from Desperation' that comes with hunger, homelessness, ignorance, and lack of Medical care.  Both Apples and Oranges may become Bad Fruit,  but they are never the same fruit.  When Libertarians start to give guaranteed support for the essentials of life, I will reconsider my support for them.  Until that happens they are little more than Republicans that support freedom for Molly.  

                                   William Hodge

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