Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Raising Money to grow a Nation

Commonwealth Commomshare Coalition

The Constitution gives Congress 3 ways to raise money to spend on the needs of the Nation.

1. Borrow - that subsidizes Bankers at the expense of Taxpayers.

2. Tax - If done in excess it will create Poverty for the Middle class. The main purpose of taxation is to moderate the amount the amount of Money in circulation to avoid inflation.

3. Create [coin] money - that will not transfer tax money to the Money Changers and will not cause excess inflation if there is sufficient labor, excess productive capacity & input raw materials

The Money that Congress gains by taxation and creation is the "Commonwealth" and part of it should be used to provide sufficient food, adequate shelter, and medical care to all citizens with no "means testing. We do not need a Government "Bureau for Begging' to decide if a citizen is entitled to receive what is theirs by right of Sovereignty.