Monday, March 17, 2014

Can fair distribution replace Fair Wages?

Wage-Slavery is a Distribution problem 

Investing is a fun game and I have enjoyed it for most of my life and I am 72. But it is not the universal pathway to financial freedom. Most people do not have the ability or desire or the opportunity to accumulate the savings necessary to do it.

You might as well recommend that all people should be great Athletes earning million dollar paydays or that everyone could be great entertainers and become Rich & Famous. The truth is that most people have no pathway to self sustaining wealth.

Instead they must depend on what is produced in our economic Production System.  They must also personally participate in that system in a way that will give adequate income to purchase sufficient food & clothes, adequate shelter. and accesses to healthcare that will sustain life.  In other words, every person must have a job that will pay a wage that secures the essentials of life at a level exceeding the level of poverty that leads to desperation. 

We know that is not possible for some for physical or mental reasons. We know it is become less possible for many people because of moving jobs to wage-slave labor Nations. We know that jobs are also disappearing at an increasing rate due to the advance of technological automation and the increased use of Robotics.  We have created an economic system where hard work will not sustain life.  It will only create Wage-Slaves to serve the benefit the Owners [1%] of the Nation.

It is not that we cannot  supply sufficient food or shelter, or Medical care. Only a small portion of the Work Force is needed for this.  The problem is that we need a distribution system that distributes the basic commonshare without requiring work that does not exist.  

We must make work that is available desirable to those that have the skill and choose to do it, but we must distribute food & clothes, basic shelter, and Health Insurance, to every citizen without   regard to work or wealth status.  It is as simple as sending every adult a Social Security check that does not require anything but citizenship.  The retirement portion can be added at the appropriate time according to the workers earnings.

copyright © William Hodge 2014