Sunday, March 30, 2014

Health Care - Public or Private Insurance?

If you do not believe that a Government designed Health Care Plan can be created that is useful & efficient, then show me a Private Sector Plan that gives everyone Health Care at every economic level that is equal to the best Medicaid Plans. No such plan currently exist. No such plan has ever been offered. 

If anyone is excluded for any reason (medical condition or lack of money or age], it will not be equitable in performance. If no such plan can be delivered by the Private Sector without Government involvement, then the Private Sector has failed the American People and your fear of Government will not open any doors that solves the problem.

I may be just a poor uneducated country boy, but this seems self evident to me. You can develop some personal empathy and work to change things or argue that is the Government's failure and we should destroy the Government and everything will fall into its proper place in our Class structured Society. It will not happen. A Society that sacrifices the Common Good in order to reward the privileged will be a Society that benefits a few on the backs of the many.

                                    copyright © William Hodge 2014