Saturday, April 12, 2014

Wage-Slavery destroys Democracy & Freedom.

Emma Goldman famously denounced wage slavery by saying: "The only difference is that you are hired slaves instead of block slaves."

Do not believe the lie that you have a fair chance to get rich if you work hard enough. As long as your work does not leave plenty of money to save & invest, you might as well buy a lottery ticket.

The only thing that will even the playing field for accumulating wealth is by starting everyday with a guarantee of sufficient food, adequate shelter. open access to full health care and free education to learn the skills necessary to compete in an open market. Only then will you have a chance to compete with the LEGACY CHILDREN. Hard work is a Fools Errand if you and your family are still a paycheck away from being hungry & homeless. That is no less Slavery than being bound in chains.

So far Democracy has been an effective leveler for equal opportunity only for short periods of time in our History. It is time to understand that the Economy is rigged against you. Only by knowing the truth can find a pathway to break the chains of Wage Slavery.

                              copyright © William Hodge 2014