Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Dividend of Commonshare

                                           Mother Earth

The Human Community is by nature an omnivores herd that lives on the Common resources of the Earth. We have forgotten that we survive by being Interdependent not independent. We have forgotten that none can survive alone. No one person gathers fiber, Spins thread, weaves cloth and make his own clothes. No one person builds anything with out using the tools created and manufactured by the human Community. "No man is an island unto himself."
And yet, we have allowed our leaders to divided up the Commons to benefit the few.  We permit the exile of the uncompetitive in the herd to live or die with little sharing of resources taken from the Commons  . It becomes acceptable to view them as unworthy of life and not entitled to their share of the resources taken from the Earth that we claim to own as the Community of Human Beings.  

A single individual has no Right of Ownership.  Private use for personal gain is a privilege granted by the whole Community on the premise that private usage will bring greater benefit to all of as in the form of  rent[taxes] for private use of the Commons.  We all hold a Commonshare in the earth that feeds us all.  Each of us is entitled to our dividend  from ownership. 

copyright © William Hodge 2014