Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Are Rights more than Privilege.

Where Rights are Born

Do you believe that all thing  including all Land and the things over & under it  should be owned by someone?  If so, how does the owner protect his claim to ownership from counter claims from other persons.  

If you claim land as yours and I need it to sustain my own life & purpose, what is to stop me from gathering sufficient force to simply take it from you?   It must be obvious that the philosophical claim that your "Right to Possess" is  not going to be defended by some Super Natural Creator. There is no historical evidence that widespread  Supernatural Intervention has ever protected any individual claim to any Right, no matter how Unalienable it may seem to the intellect of the claimant.

I ask the question, because those who usually make the claim also claim that Government has no right to interfere with their Unalienable Rights .  It appear to me that Government is essential to the protection of any rights. 

It seem to me that without Government there can be no rights at all. It would therefore follow that Government , not Gods, are the creators and protectors of any privilege [Rights] granted to the citizens of the Nation being governed.

 I am puzzled by those who would disavow the very power that insures they have any Rights at all.  It would seem to me that the only protection any of us have from ruthless opposition must come from Governance controlled by the some kind of democratic process that gives us voice in what Rights & Privilege we desire.

 copyright © William Hodge 2014