Thursday, July 20, 2017


Parenting Poverty
There are many causes of Poverty

1. Single Parent Poverty - About 60 percent of U.S. children living in mother-only families are living in Poverty   Only about 11 percent of two-parent families are below the Poverty line.

2.  Scarce Availability of jobs and  low wages paid for those jobs

3. Disabilities that make it impossible to work.

4. Lack of training for skilled labor jobs that pay middle class wages

5. Lack of work ethic that results in an unwillingness to do what is considered a Wage-slave job.  

The result often is generation after generation of people who, due to resulting lack access to good education, health care, adequate housing, proper sanitation and good nutrition are trapped in a recurring cycle of Poverty.  We have instituted many forms of Welfare assistance that actually trapped the Poor in behaviors that will at least allow them the means to survive.  Finding minimum level employment will actually make life harder due to loss of absolutely necessary benefits necessary to survival.

If we are going to break the cycle of Poverty, we must give the Poor and those who cross back and forth across the Poverty line, a Guaranteed Income that is unaffected by a "means test" from some Government Bureau for Begging    To do that the Income must be Universal Unconditional and above the Poverty Level. Then and only then will every citizen have the power and Freedom to choose his on Path in Life that will allow the Pursuit of personally satisfying achievement.