Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Rowing the National Boat

One Boat many Passengers

I am opposed to SLAVERY of any kind. I want every person to have the choice of working for a wage he agrees to or not work for a wage at all if he chooses.

To achieve that goal we must first understand the concept of the Commonwealth.  It is the Income derived from the use of any land and what lies beneath that land, the water on or below that land, and the air above that land that is controlled by the  Sovereign Nation. 

The evidence that the Nation controls the Right to that income is it has the power to charge use fees or to levy taxes on the privilege granted of private usage for profit or pleasure. Additional proof is that the Government has the Right of Eminent Domain to reclaim for Public use any property that is currently claimed by other entities for private use.. It also has the power to tax accumulation of profit[income] from Private usage to support the General Welfare of the Nation & Citizens.

In a Democratic Nation it is an implied Right that every Citizen should benefit from a Dividend from his Commonshare of the Commonwealth. From that grows the the concept of giving every citizen [rich man - poor man - beggar man - thief] a Basic Income Guarantee. That income should be enough to purchase sufficient food, adequate shelter and effective medical care and the right to education.  

As technological and Robotics advance there will be less availability of Wages from work and greater need of Unconditional Basic Income to escape  the Poverty of Wage Slave Jobs.  It is past time to begin a scalable program that provides a Guaranteed access to food, shelter, medical care , and life skill training.

William Hodge