Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Life is more than Labor

Life Labor Changing

I am a Son of the South from agricultural forebears . In my youth  subsistence level labor created by the Segregation system that replaced the Bonded Slave system used before the Civil War were mostly employed to pick cotton. That was the Prime example of creating wage-slaves to enrich the 1%ers.  It was the invention of the cotton gin that created the very profitable use of Slave labor and then Segregated subsistence Wage laborers to support the 1%ers of  Agriculture.

Then they invented a Cotton Picking Machine. Now no one picks cotton by hand. Another machine had eliminated what the first machine [the cotton gin] created and changed the culture of the South.

The use of computer technology to automate both the simplest of task and the most complex task will eventually eliminate almost the entire labor class and the white collar jobs as well. If we do not find a way to distribute income to create a system to distribute food, shelter, medical care, and survival skills, we may have to find a way to eliminate the people or create make believe work to keep them busy.

I prefer that all have the freedom to find their own creative path to life fulfillment.  By distributing Unconditional Basic Income to purchase sufficient food, adequate shelter, medical care, and learning skills to pursue their passions We can create a new  entrepreneurial culture . That will give meaning to each life by permitting the individual personal choice of Life Paths.  We will create for each "The inalienable Right to pursue Happiness.