Saturday, August 19, 2017

Birth of Religion


Religion had its Birth in the observations made by men about the nature of Nature.  A Shepard or Farmer would observe that the Sun would change the position of rising and setting over time and then repeat the process with the changing of Seasons.
They would observe that their best product of seed or animal would produce the best new crop or births.   They followed the same practice with the discovery of the pharmaceutical properties of Fauna & Flora. That is why Religion invented the rule that you must offer only your best to please the Gods. That gave Power Holders the best stock of seed and semen to grow their capital wealth.  

The Gods did not deliver Religious rules of knowledge on either Stone or Clay tablets. Observation by men of natural occurrences were  remembered measured and recorded. That is Science. Scientific observation became Religious Myth and was coded into stories to teach the people of the existence of hidden knowledge that the Priest held as a gift from the Gods and  that created a Power Source to rule with. 

The power to rule is not easily surrendered even to  the observation of better knowledge.  That is why Religion values Belief over Scientific observation for acquisition of  knowledge. Science is dynamic learning.  Religion is static belief.  The World is no longer Flat.

Written by William Hodge