Sunday, February 21, 2016

Who controls the Money

Power over economics

                            NICOLAUS COPERNICUS 

"Among the countless evils that bring about the demise of whole states, these fours are surely the most critical: internal discord, high mortality, infertility of the soil, and deterioration of money.
The first three are so apparent that hardly anyone would contest them. The fourth evil, however, stemming from the nature of money, is noticed only by those few who think deeply, for it causes the states to crumble not at one fell swoop, but gradually, near invisibly."

Our Banking system has been designed by Congress to give power to Corporate Banks to create Money and to finance Government debt at the greatest interest they  can safely charge.  That gives them the Wealth & Power to control the Congress by financing elections of favored Lawmakers. That has greatly limited the effectiveness of the Democratic process. 

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