Monday, August 18, 2014

My Progressive Agenda


My Life is centered around a Progressive Agenda because my highest value is preservation of Life itself. The primary survival activity of human beings is conducted by organizing themselves in Communities with social order and governance.  The main functions of the Sovereign Community is to protect life and to produce & distribute Goods and Labor to achieve that end. My goal is based on the advocacy and promotion of these two principles.

1. I believe that any Sovereign Society that has the capacity to ensure the basic needs of life [food, shelter, medical care, and education] to all of its Citizens should feel compelled to do so as the First Order of governance.

2. I believe that a Sovereign Society has the power & responsibility to create a Sovereign Common Currency to make the trading of Goods & Labor between parties fungible  and should exercise that power itself.  It should not delegate the creation of Money to private sector Banks and permit them to charge the Taxpayers of the Nation interest on debt incurred to fund the Actions and Responsibilities of the Nation to insure the basic needs of life. The Nation  (not Corporate Banks] should own the Central Bank and use it to create all currency and to fund all National Debt interest free.

Out of these two principles grow the Progressive ideas that I generally support. I invite all to freely contribute your opinions & suggestions unless they become abusive or offensive to my Life purpose.

  copyright © William Hodge 2014