Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sustaining Life without work

The Serpents Gift 
I live on Social Security & Medicare. Those programs are dependent on a Government program of deferred spending at retirement. Millions of Jobs depend on the money that I and other Social Security recipients spend.

Government is the primary creator of sustained spending programs that do not depend on Jobs.  They in fact create and sustain jobs. It includes such programs as Medical Care, Medicaid and other Social Safety net programs  Government is not the enemy of the Economy. It is this function of Government that causes the Economy to reach a level of  sustained production.

That is a function that the Private Sector has never done and will never do because their motive is not to sustain life, but to use the living as tools of production and profitable consumption . Only Government has no motive but to serve.

Only Government  has the non-profit  capacity to create & distribute money to the  Point of Sale that causes business to run.  That creates profit for the owners of both Labor and Capital .

Government does not generate dependency. Government sustains life and the Private Sector is the biggest benefactor of the Government's power to create and distribute money to the focal point of consumption.  The Private Sector is the primary beneficiary of Government activity.

  copyright © William hodge 2014