Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Christian Nation?


Modern Right Wing Christians think religion is a magical method of accumulating Wealth by Ritual Worship. They see the Poverty in the Society in which they live as incidental to accumulating money. They do not think life essentials are the fruit of the Commons and an inalienable  right of all to share.

They do not believe that Society should compel all citizens to contribute to the need of food, shelter, medical care and life skills of those who live in  desperation.  They think instead that Society should only allow it to be a choice of Charity if anyone is to be helped.  

They claim that Jesus is their King and yet refuse to believe him when he said  you must feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and care for the ill. They believe in life after death in his kingdom and yet refuse to hear him when he says in Matthew 25: 31 - 46 that they will spend the afterlife in hell if they fail him in his commandment. 

As for me, I think that most Modern Right Wing Christians use their religion as a tool for private gain  and not as a value system for life and service to their King.  I do not think a Christian Nation run by them would look much like the one Jesus commanded them to serve as if they were serving him..

  copyright © William hodge 2014