Monday, December 22, 2014

Poverty has a simple solution

The following four paragraphs began as tweets but I decided to tie them together as a single string of ideas. I wanted to show the connection between them all in one place at the same time for everybody.

Divide communities by income levels. Now divide them by crime levels & Police enforcement activity. Is there any connection or overlap between the two classifications. If you cannot escape the conclusion that there may be cause & effect then THINK ABOUT SOLUTION!

Government cannot ever eliminate Poverty by using aggressive Policing to eliminate violent crime. The Government must first eliminate the Poverty

The Government can eliminate both the "Bureaus for Begging" and the Poverty that promotes Government moral intrusion into your life . It can use a successful Independent Agency that was created during the Great Depression called the Social Security Administration. It just needs to distribute Basic income for every adult citizen just as it does Retirement income now. Then when one reaches retirement age he can have the retirement income he earned by working added to his basic Social Security check.

Another change needed to prevent taxpayers from subsidizing the Financial Institutions is for Government to immediately stop borrowing money from Bankers and Wall Street clients and start borrowing from the Federal Reserve at 0% interest. 

The Constitution gives the Congress that power. It can borrow, tax or create money and decide how it is going to do it. The Constitution does not force us to give Banks the power to create money and then charge us interest to use it. Only Congress causes that in return for the Money Wall Street gives them to get elected. Lincoln got Congress to let the Government create Greenback to finance the Military to fight the Civil War. It needs to let the Federal Reserve create money for use to eliminate Poverty and do Nation Infrastructure building.