Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Path to Progress

History and Progress 

1. This Nation started with only White property owners voting but finally allowed all free men to vote by passing progressive  laws.
2. This Nation spent 100 years in protest, advocating the right of women to vote, and we finally got there by passing progressive laws.
3. After a Civil War, this Nation kept Blacks from their civil Rights as free men by using Segregation in lieu of Bonded Slavery, but we ended it by passing Civil Rights laws
4 We ended prohibition of mixed race marriage and establishment personal life choices in this Nation by using the Law of the Land.
5. We have 8 hour days, no child labor. social safety net programs , Social Security, expanded health care and marriage equality  and a wide variety of human life protections in this Nation, all because we kept pushing the Political Parties by public protest and persistent voting directed at Human progress by force of Law..

The Parties may be controlled in large part by the same self-interest groups that have always controlled power, but they cannot completely control if we keep pushing ahead. We must must have purpose and persistence. Change is possible by law if we stand up and speak out and take it to the voting booth. If we sit down, shut up and accept defeat, we have done the very thing that makes us slaves to the Oligarch of the Privilege.

  copyright © William Hodge 2014