Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Dividend from Common Shares in the National Resources.


The resources of the Nation is the Common property of every citizen.  The granting of the privilege of private use for profit or pleasure carries a requirement of the payment for that privilege call taxes. That money is to provide for the general well being of the Nation & Citizens

That Commonshare provides the financial capacity to bring every citizen totally out of Poverty [adequate food, shelter, medical care, and productive skills] with a Basic Income Guarantee without changing the current economic system of competition in a free market for greater individual monetary rewards. 

It is idiocy to think we must sacrifice competition that rewards the few in order to insure life and Liberty and security for the many. We can and must do both if we wish to preserve both Community and a free market Democracy. A Human Society that sacrifices the lives of the poor in order to increase the wealth of upper class must inevitably dissolve into a Oligarchical Dictatorship that imposes  wage-slavery on the masses.

  copyright © William Hodge 2014