Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Economic Distribution System

            Sucess is rarely the result of hard work

Not every one can learn a skill that will get them a job that earns wages above the poverty level. . Even a superficial examination of history makes it clear Poverty cannot be eliminated with charity . The problem is one of distributing food, housing, medical care and skill training and the problem is systemic .

For the Poor to experience the Liberty of saying no the owners of Capital that offer only a Slave-wage to obtain the labor, they must have the assurance of a Basic Income Guarantee that always puts food on the table and shelter to protect them from the elements and effective medical care without any qualifying conditions
Our Capitalist System uses money to distribute Goods and acquire Labor to produce Goods & Service. If you distribute money to the primary point of the sale of food, shelter, medical care, and education, the money will flow into the economy and create maximum growth of production of Goods & Service.. If you use
a Flat tax system to remove excess money from the economy to prevent inflation, the system can be moderated at the fulcrum of supply & demand.

copyright © William Hodge 2015