Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Money is just a number

I am a big advocate of Universal Health Care.  I borrowed and posted the image below on my Google+ page.  
                  Laurel Davila originally shared:

Health care is an entitlement.

Someday we will give up the false Conventional Wisdom that there is a limited amount of money and we must decided how to spend it. Money has no limit in supply. It is created at will by making entries in a Bank Asset account.

If we have the labor skills, available productive capacity and the input raw materials, we can simple create and distribute the money to the task we wish to accomplish. We have no more danger of running out of money than a scorekeeper has of running out of points to score a Game. Money is just bookkeeping.

Only Congress stands in the way of using the full capacity of America potential. If we have doctors & Nurses, Medical technology and delivery facilities and medical supplies or the ability to create them we cam create and distribute the money to the point of application to the task. Shortage of money is an artificial construct.Our problem is developing capacity to accomplish a task. The Money is just distribution of necessary production capacity & labor to the task. The problem is having the labor skills and productive capacity. Money is only a computer entry away.